WIMAX Technology & Its Functionality


In continuation to Wireless Network  Let us now know something about Wimax and its features

In day to day life we all are prone to Internet and just think of the ways of accessing it, Let us see the basic options

  • Broadband – Maximum homes are using this broadband either through DSL or Cable modem. Many ISP has given broadband access to Companies using T circuit techniques which carries multiple T channels multiplexed which gives high transmission rates.
  • Wifi – Through broad band , we can get the wifi by installing an Wifi Router, Wifi hotspots can be found out in Airports, Hotels, Restaurant using the same logic with better Bandwidth
  • Dial up access – An outdated

So when we talk about the boon in technology, bane should definitely be there,

Consider eradicating the bane with before mentioned basic options, there we have Wireless

  • Providing an wireless alternative to Cable and DSL
  • Wimax could potentially erase the suburban and rural blackout areas that have no access to internet Termed as Wimax Wireless Network
  • Providing Data, telecommunications (Voice over internet protocol) and many

Wimax as said earlier provides multiple accesses, One to Many and One to One

Wimax Technology Functionality

  • Wimax Transmitter (Tower) – A single Wimax tower can transmit Signals across 8000 sq km. This can connect directly to the internet using a high Bandwidth, It can also connect to another Wimax tower using Line of sight , microwave link (RF antennas) , This connection to another tower along with the ability of a single tower to cover up to 3000 sq miles is what allows WIMAX to provide coverage to rural Areas.
  • Wimax Receiver – Non cabled equipment to be placed at the receiver end, the receiver and antenna could be a small equipment

Wimax Technology functionality

WIMAX in general can provide two forms of Service

  • Line of Sight – A fixed RF equipment points straight at wimax tower from the building Roof top which is stronger and stable. Line of sight transmission’s use high frequencies with ranges reaching 66ghz , which means the data transmission will be done with fewer errors that are unknown.
  • Non line of sight – Wifi sort of service, where a small antenna may be in similar to dongle getting connected to the nearest tower , in this mode the frequency range will be around 11ghz which is variable.

Wimax Technology functionality

Wimax should be able to transmit up to 70 megabits per second, even when it is getting distributed with several business or homes, it will provide equivalent signal strength which is the major advantage in general.

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