Whatsapp Will Soon Read Out Your Chats For You

Whatsapp Will Soon Read Out Your Chats For You

You may soon have your text messages read out on WhatsApp .

Source From: The Times of India

The Facebook-owned company appears to be testing the feature on iOS devices. Called ‘Speak, it has been spotted on iPhone while tapping on a chat message.

The ‘Speak’ option, which reads out the text in the message aloud, appears with other options like Reply, Forward, Copy, Delete and Message.
Also, the feature so far is not available on all iOS devices and appears occasionally.

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However, we assume that the company may soon roll it out for everyone.

WhatsApp for Android beta too is getting some additional features in its latest update.

These includes stickers and ability to write on images, a la Snapchat (and now Instagram too).

The latest update also brings enhancements to the app’s camera flash.

Now, whenever a user takes a photo using the camera from within the WhatsApp app, he will see additional editing tools that will allow him to draw or scribble on top of the picture in different colours by selecting the pencil and ‘T’ icon.

The colour slider allows users to pick the colour they want to doodle or write with on the image. Along with this, users can also add stickers to photos.

The update also introduces selfie flash that allows users to click better selfies in low-light and dark conditions. The feature works only when the user takes the images from the built-in camera app itself.

Recently, WhatsApp updated its privacy policy. As per the new policy, WhatsApp will start sharing users’ phone numbers with its parent, allowing for, what the company claims, more relevant advertisements and friend recommendations on the social network.

The move is WhatsApp’s first update to its privacy policy since it was acquired by Facebook in 2014.


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