Understanding Of What Is a DNS Server And Why Are They Used

DNS Server

What is DNS server – It is a Computer Server which has all the information about IP Address and their Associated Hostnames. Generally DNS stands for Domain Name System which is used for Name to IP conversion and IP to Name Conversion.

In other terms, DNS server is converting human readable website names (DoubtsClear.Com) into computer readable numerical IP addresses (

It is not possible to remember the IP address for all the websites we visited, hence the concept of DNS has come into existence. Remembering the set of numbers is quite difficult than their names.

Why Do We Use DNS Servers

So far we have seen about what is DNS Server and now will see about the Why DNS Servers are used.

As we already said the DNS server are used for remembering hostnames instead of set of Numeric strings.

As a human it is much easier to remember the Host Names than the IP address but as Computers and other Network devices requires IP Address to understand the requested commands.

Therefore, we have DNS server for Translation purpose.

Active Directory and DNS

In an Active Directory environment DNS server plays a very important role, whenever any system or Servers added into a Domain, by default the DNS entry will be added.

These entries contain the information about Host Name, Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) with their Associated IP address.

DNS server in Active Directory has 2 types Zones.

  • Forward Look Up Zone
  • Reverse Look Up Zone


Forward Look Up Zone in Active Directory is used to convert the domain name to an IP address format, however Reverse Look Up Zone works in reverse way to convert IP address to domain name.

DNS Server

Explaining DNS in Active Directory environment requires separate post so I have given the basics and use of DNS in Active Directory. The detailed information about Active Directory and DNS will be seen in the Upcoming posts.


Security Concerns On DNS Server.

In today’s digital world, hackers are more brilliant that the developers.

Recently we are aware of the Ransomware and Cryptoware Viruses, which hacks our computer or server and changes our complete data to Encrypted Format and finally they will ask us pay for decrypting the same.

Hence considering the Security we need be aware of the below points on DNS server.

Usually Malware will attack our Systems and changes our DNS IP, which leads to redirection of false or fake websites which looks similar to the original one.

Once providing our personal details on the fake website, now all our provided details will be under the Attacker control. Think of if this is happening to your Bank related websites, so we have to be careful with the Interface as well as SSL certificate of the websites.

In order to avoid these kinds of issues we need to install an antivirus and anti-malware program so that malicious programs are caught before they can do any damages to our network environment.

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