Tips To Stay Fit and Healthy ..!!!

Tips To Stay Fit and healthy

Beware Laziness Is A Pain

Most of us in this day to day world run behind reasons and at last it is harming our health resulting us to spend a lot on medical, may be company too is providing medical insurance knowing the fact, but have you ever think of staying almost fit in this existing life style, everyone does but the laziness never leaves the way to complete the task.

This is actually serious and everyone in this world needs to pay attention to this immediately, let’s see some basic and easy tips that is designed to be followed @work @home

  • Walk as much as possible, try to avoid Lift in offices, you may be asking or worrying about the office in 11th floor, try your level best to climb as much as possible and use lift when it pains, if not try to get down in stairs

Tips To Stay Fit and healthy


  • Have a habit of sitting down with legs crossed at least for half an hour a day. Most of us don’t have the possibility to sit in floor due to work nature which is really a pain in future, at least avoid having foods in dining table which will really be helpful for easy digestion and knee relaxation, We would have seen elders aged 60+ suffering from knee pain but in our present working scenario we will suffer the same in 30+, so beware to prevent it.

Tips To Stay Fit and healthy


  • If your job is in front of computer for hours, then do not forget to relax your eyes every hour, when you keep on see the monitor you will forget to blink your eyes which is supposed to be blinked every second. Rub your two palms and close your eyes with your rubbed palms leave it on for few seconds and after re-opening your eyes try to rotate your eyes in all directions, this will definitely remove the strain and make the eyes comfortable.

Tips To Stay Fit


  • Stretch your body, muscles and try to have a small walk once in 2 hours to make your knees, hand, shoulders relax. Put your body to work physically at least for half an hour, do something that is ok to your mind, running, jogging, exercise, gardening etc. Girls/Ladies/women try to adopt yourself for old mechanisms (Ammi, Oral, etc) weekly once at least as they are designed specifically for you by our elders. Just search the purpose in internet and you will surely adapt to those.

Tips To Stay FitTips To Stay Fit and healthy


  • Avoid junk foods, sugar related eatables, highly baked foods. This is definitely going to increase your fitness, have foods that is boiled and reduce roasted., try to include Palm sugar which doesn’t have any harms

Tips To Stay Fit


  • Drink plenty of water, hot water is good to burn calories

Tips To Stay Fit

  • Try to sleep peacefully for at least 7 hours which will make you to be brisk for the entire day. Normal sleeping hours should be for 8hours which is highly not possible now a day.

Tips To Stay Fit and healthy


  • Typical part is to avoid consuming too much of beverages, initially train your mind for this job.

    Just have few sips when you are tempted to have it, you will stop it one fine day.

Tips To Stay Fit


  • Eat right and fill your stomach, if not have a practice of dividing your food from 3 to 5 times but do not forget to maintain the diet.

Tips To Stay Fit


  • South Indian foods are always praised by everyone across but we are avoiding and adapting to western culture, from now on try to consume it, if not us who is going to follow and maintain the Pride?

Tips To Stay Fit and healthy


  • In Recent Past Our “Pazhaya Satham”(Old rice which was cooked a day before and being immersed in water) has been declared a powerful food by international food Experts but many of us forget and most probably our generations will never heard of those and it is going to be a thing in past.

Tips To Stay Fit and healthy


  • Strictly avoid medicines for weight loss; it is definitely not going to work out as physical movement is always considered the best out of all.

Tips To Stay Fit and healthy


  • We have plenty of Herbs (Mooligai) that curb diseases, surf internet and know the details and consume it in right way, you will be free of diseases without side effect, Most of us would have heard of “Nilavembu kudineer “being supplied in Government hospitals, likewise there are many herbs surrounded.

Tips To Stay Fit


  • Meditation will make your mind, body and soul to stay healthy, learn the way to meditate and you can do it anywhere, let it be of any place irrespectively.

Tips To Stay Fit


All the above said is ongoing things and everyone need to follow, nothing to be implemented as a new since most of the things are existing and mandatory but these are being swallowed by laziness.

Inhaling these laziness hospitals started to earn money were in we spend a lot and lot,

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  1. The article is extremely helpful. The tips in the article is great and easy to follow. Before sharing this information on social sites we ourselves will get benefitted with practical experience by trying the above. Additional information don’t skip food to maintain the fitness. Health is wealth. Have a healthy life.

  2. I liked the fact that you’ve focused on how to stay fit by applying “Prevention is better than cure” – the Indian methodology. Good read, keep articles like this coming.

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