Smartphone Batteries Drain In TRAVELLING!! Know-how and learn the tips to Preserve it

How to Save Battery Life

Each and every one has smartphones and since we are almost addicted to it we used to worry on the battery that is getting drained when we are in travel. Don’t worry we can preserve but before knowing the tips lets know why it actually drains during Travel and why not during non-travel.

How to save smartphone battery life


As you all are aware of the way the mobile phone works, please refer

    • How A Call Is Made From Mobile Phone
    • Normally when you dial a number from Phone, the signal will get transmitted to nearby Mobile towers called as BTS(Base transceiver station) from which the request is initiated to BSC(Base Station Controller) and after which the request will get transferred to MSC(Mobile Switching Center), This MSC completes its role and intern sends the route to HLR(Home Location Register) This is where all of your information that is necessary will be stored, you can understand the depth by reading the above topic.
  • This is said to be easy when we just say but actually too many things will be running at back end in order to make/receive a call or in order to get connected with internet.
  • Coming to the point the mobile will frequently search for the signal with the nearest Mobile tower and the response will be spontaneous if you are in your regular place as the HLR will store the required information and there is no necessity in cross verifying, but the worst case happens in travelling and since there are too many mobile towers to which your mobile will communicate for greater connectivity obviously the battery will get drained.

How to save smartphone battery life


Let’s take for example, you are travelling 500km away from your Hometown and you come across 100+towers, just imagine how frequent your mobile will transfer and receive signals from towers and you will understand the difficulty.

Tips to preserve the battery Life

    • Choose a battery saving mode, phone not only has the airplane mode but also has several power saving modes, but do not install several apps to control the battery draining as this itself will be the cause
    • Shutdown all unnecessary apps and hardware that includes WI-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS before starting
    • Remove automatic brightness control and turn off vibrate mode
    • Try to save a travel mode plan and activate it simply before you travel
    • Main thing is that charge your mobile with the appropriate charger as this is most important, many of us do not follow this resulting in quick draining, higher mah charger will re-charge the battery quicker resulting in quicker drain
  • 3g, 4g connectivity requires more signal than 2g. Considerable amount of power is needed to search for the signals and while travelling signal strength fluctuates a lot, hence your battery drains at a greater pace.

Let everyone take this as a chance to pledge our-self to reduce the usage of mobiles at least during travels which will not only reduce the life of battery but saves many lives due to carelessness. save Life.
How to save battery life

In recent past we are not seeing sparrows doing gym-mics in the sky, the reason is that they are not able to withstand the RF waves emitted from Towers and started to die resulting a huge loss to natures Gift, Let us support our level best to bring back the Nature to its own. Cheersss!!!!!

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