Server Maintenance and Support

Server Maintenance Services and Server Support Services :

Server maintenance involves keeping a server updated and running so that a computer network can operate smoothly. Properly maintaining a server is usually the task of a network & System/Server Administrator, and it is vital to the performance of the network. If maintenance is not conducted on a computer network, regardless of whether the network is small or large, application software usually will not run as well as expected. In some cases, a network may even experience total or partial network failure if proper maintenance is not conducted.

If you have a server that is out of warranty, or if you have an existing warranty service upgrade or maintenance agreement that is about to expire, then DoubtsClear Server Maintenance Service is right for you. Our Server Maintenance Service consists of preventive maintenance, remedial maintenance, upgrades and replacement of parts. A variety of options, with service response and duration times have been designed to fit your business needs.

DoubtsClear, is one of leading “Server Maintenance and Support” service providing Company since 2015 in Chennai, India. Modern businesses have a deliberate need for keeping their servers maintained and secured for the purpose of sustained usage.

We DoubtsClear’s Team offer you Server Maintenance and Management services which are efficient to rely upon. We understand the necessity of the business to keep their servers well-maintained with uninterrupted internet connection at all times. So we indulge in maintaining the servers and related issues to ensure better security and performance for the website.

DoubtsClear helps its customers in eliminating any security issues and initiates program updates by providing efficient server maintenance from the back end we take delicate care of the security and server maintenance for ensure continual unaffected functioning of the website. We keep the servers at the best running condition to avoid any slowdown or interruption in the service. Also we ensure that the website functions at its best keeping up the reputation of the business among the visitors. We are keen in maintaining your servers at the best in delivering expected performance to the whole network of users. Keep your website to be running round-the-clock with best performance by availing our committed server maintenance services.

The below are the list of tasks that we will be performing for the Server Maintenance Work

First Check-up

We get your server updated and healthy and enrol you in our Check-up services.


  • No monthly commitment or service contracts.
  • Improved security through appropriate patch management.
  • Stay on top of control panel updates.
  • Professional review of server’s health.
  • Good maintenance often prevents serious problems.

What’s Included?

  • OS Patch Updates
  • Control Panel Updates
  • Disk (SMART) Health Check
  • Identify Large Log Files
  • Rootkit Check
  • Disk Space Check
  • RAM Usage Report
  • Time/Date Check

Server Management Tasks:

Patch management: is a critical part of managing and maintaining servers. Keeping your server updated with the latest control panel and OS patches are critical for security. Our monthly management, on-demand, and server check-up services provide easy access to our patch-management services.

Let DoubtsClear help you keep your server updated and running securely. Most updates can be completed in two hours or less.

Server Backup:

Backups, on-site and off, are critical to any disaster recovery plan. We can assist you with developing a server backup plan, selecting backup software, and finding a backup provider.

Security Services:

Keeping your server secure is a critical part of any server management task. DoubtsClear provides server hardening and deployment services to help you start with a secure server and keep it that way. We also provide incident investigation services and post-intrusion analysis and clean-up.

Server Deployment:

DoubtsClear provides deployment support. We can assist with server sizing, provider & software selection. From single stand-alone servers to multi-cluster applications, our Team can help you deploy a secure, scalable, reliable infrastructure.

Server Configuration:

We provider full server configuration support on both Windows and Linux, we can assist you installing, customizing and building server software to meet your needs. Proper server configuration improves server security and simplifies server management.

Features are endless, we request you to fill the below forms or you can send an Email to for Support, Services or Maintenance in more details.

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