IPhone Tricks And Hacks Even Apple Doesn’t Want You To Know !!!


Love them or hate them, you’ve likely had an iPhone at some point if not, someone who you know has one. Probably a lot of someone’s. And it really isn’t a major surprise; what with all they are capable of handling in our day-to-day lives. Phone, email, texting, tweeting, surfing, banking, planning, photography, music…there is so much available out of the box that many of the hidden features are never discovered by most IPhone users.

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I have compiled a list of what I use as most handy Tips & Tricks to get even more out of your iPhone – I guarantee you some of them may actually astonish you. Either it’s because you don’t know you could be doing things much more easily than you do it all this while, or you dint know your phone was paying that much attention on you.

1. Putting your iPhone In Airplane Mode Will Charge the Battery Considerably More Quickly. Just Be Warned That While the charge is Active, You Will Not Be Able to make or Receive Calls or Texts or browse.

Iphone Tricks and Hacks

2. Might Sound Too Good to be true, but your iPhone is basically an “Etch-a-Sketch”. If you mess up a text, email, or while editing a Photo, Just Shake It out and start again.

Iphone Tricks and Hacks

3. You can swipe in your text messages to view timestamps.

Iphone Tricks and Hacks

4. Add web suffixes like “.com” by simply holding the “.” Key While Typing in a URL in your browser.

Iphone Tricks and Hacks

5. Your iPhone can double as a level to help you hang the perfect picture. Just open the compass app and swipe to the right – Boom! Level Up!

Iphone Tricks and Hacks

Iphone Tricks and Hacks

6. Like Browsing On Your Phone At Night, But Don’t Want to Keep Anyone Else Awake? We’ve Got You Covered. Invert The Display colours By Going to Settings > General > Accessibility and turning on Invert colors. Not only will It Cause Less Eye Strain, its Kind Of Cool to look at unless and until someone with the display pic calls you. Picture will be in a negative format.

Iphone Tricks and Hacks

7. You Can Use Your iPhone Or iPad As A Personal Laptop By Pairing It With Any Bluetooth Keyboard. This Could Be A Lifesaver For Students Or Traveling Business People.

Iphone Tricks and Hacks

8. And What May Be The Creepiest Thing Your Phone Does? Your Phone Will Figure Out Where You Live, Work, And Frequently Visit And Be Prepared To Share That With Anyone. Go To Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services and Look At Frequent Locations. Spooky!

Iphone Tricks and Hacks

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