Rupees 2,000 Notes Soon In Your Wallet

New 500 and 2000 Rupees Notes Soon In Your Wallet

An high end Currency in your wallet is everyone’s dream and people in general treat you the richest if they see you having the one with you.

Here comes 2000 rupee notes and you can have it in your wallet, but learn to be safe.

Though we couldn’t find the official information, sources say that Reserve bank of India has nearly completed preparations for introducing this new high-value currency and soon Banknotes of the denomination of ₹2,000 will be in circulation soon.

Sources say that the notes have already been printed, and their despatch from the currency printing press in Mysuru has commenced.

So far we have 500, 1000 rupee notes as the highest currency and this move assumes significance in the wake of a demand from some quarters that notes of ₹1,000 and ₹500 denominations be withdrawn to prevent hoarding of black money.

It seems to be that the highest denomination note printed by the RBI was the ₹10,000 note in 1938 and in 1954. They were demonetised in 1946 and 1978, respectively.

According to reports, it costs a little over ₹3 to produce a ₹1,000 note, the lowest in terms printing costs as a proportion of value. Printing notes of smaller denominations is relatively more costly.

Smaller denomination notes is also going to be released considering the demand

So let’s all get ready to welcome the Big billion Note which is the first to be witnessed the highest value currency in our generation. It’s a pride for Both RBI and we people isn’t it?

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