How To Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages

How To Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages

The Instant Messaging application WhatsApp as of late made a buzz by acquainting back with back new highlights for its users. In the first place, it was Real-time location sharing, then group Video and Audio calling and after that ‘Delete for everyone’.

WhatsApp is among a standout amongst the most generally utilized applications. The informing application had taken off ‘Delete for everyone’ features half a month back.

In any case, the inquiry is ‘do the messages we erase from the users phone truly vanish from the server?’ A current report had asserted that the messages we erase from WhatsApp and the Users (whom we have sent those messages) phone does not vanish and one can without much of a stretch get the chance to get to those messages.

A well-known Spanish blog which is named Android Jefe claims that the messages once erased from their and receivers phone on WhatsApp is as yet exhibit in the device. Furthermore, the recipient can in any case read the deleted message even after the sender deletes them.

“What we found is that the messages are put away in the notification register of the Android System.

So, it’s just a matter of entering that record to see the messages that the other person deleted,” the blog writes.


1. First of all, you need an app named Notification History which you can download from Google Playstore.


2. Once after you downloading the app, you need to search the Android notification log to read the message.


3. If you don’t want to take the help of 3rd party app, just follow this path Widgets > Activities > Settings > Notification log and simply access the messages.


However, there are few limitations too. You can retrieve only those messages which generated the notification and also the first 100 characters of the deleted message can be read.


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