Product Review: Lepideauditor Suite – Auditing Complete Microsoft Products

LepideAuditor Product Review

In this post will see about the New Tool called LepideAuditor which is simple, cost effective and scalable solution to Audit and Monitor changes that take place across various Microsoft Products like

  • Active Directory
  • Group Policy
  • Exchange Server
  • SQL Server
  • SharePoint
  • File Servers

Before entering into this topic let’s see basic introduction about LepideAuditor

LepideAuditor is the most powerful and user friendly tool which provides the easiest yet most comprehensive means of answering all the critical questions.

It provides audit detail in a single log in which we can obtain complete environmental changes that has been done through your Office Microsoft Products.

LepideAuditor Suite has various features and Options in which we can fetch the A to Z reports. It is mainly designed for auditing and monitoring challenges faced by IT tech personnel’s.

Prerequisites & System Requirements:


Click on the below links for the Prerequisites and System Requirements of Installing and Configuring LepideAuditor in your environment for the various Microsoft Products based on your requirements.

Now you will be getting an idea about the various Prerequisites and System requirements for installing the same.

Installation and Configuration:


LepideAuditor Suite generally like normal and simple installation and easy to use interface. Installation takes only a minute or so, and configuration is as simple as pressing next button.

Short Summary


1. Download the LepideAuditor Suit from the below URL

2. Once the download is completed, extract the file and install it.

3. It is just like a normal installation; once installation is done it will ask for the Domain details on which the Audit needs to be done.

4. It is recommended to create New GPO for this.

5. Provide the requested details and complete the remaining steps.

Note:  You need to Install SQL server on the local machine or you can connect to the remote one if already installed in your network.

For Detailed information


Check the below link for Installation & Configuration Guides, Troubleshooting & Other Useful Guides, Release Notes & product Updates, Audit and compliance reports and FAQ

Once after the installation is over and if you have done everything right then you will get a prompt for Restart of the software, once done you will get a screen similar to this.


Lepideauditor Product Review


Features  and Available Options on LepideAuditor


These are the various options available on LepideAuditor and you can utilize the required features based on your requirements and the environment needs.

  • Radar
    • Domain View
    • 360 View
  • Health Monitoring
  • Reports
    • Audit Reports
    • Compliance Reports
    • Permission Analysis
    • Restore Mode
  • Alerts
    • Delivered Reports
    • Failed Reports
    • Scheduled Reports
  • Settings
  • License Information


Let’s see about the features and options available in the LepideAuditor in detail.


As we already discussed that Radar has two views where we can get the Domain information 360 Views and Domain based views.

Lepideauditor Product Review


Here we can get complete reports of various changes that has to done to our active directory environment.

  • Changes made to the Active Directory
  • Changes made to the Exchange Server
  • Changes made to the Active Directory Group Policy
  • Changes made to the Sharepoint Server
  • Changes made to the File Server
  • Changes made to the SQL Server
  • Successful Logon / Logoff
  • Overall Domain Changes

The reports are available in customized format , we can get report for particular day and even on Time if you want.

In Domain View there is options to Add where we can get everything and find the below screenshots of the same.


Lepideauditor Product Review


Apart from the above listed options we can get the other reports and they are as follows.

Below are other dashboard views available:

  • Changes by Criticality
  • All Changes by Source
  • All Changes by Trend
  • Resource Utilization on Server
  • Top Admins
  • Failed Logon trends
  • Top modified classes
  • User with Soon to Expire Password
  • Actions Performed by Active Directory Cleaner
  • Live Feed

Lepideauditor Product Review


Health Monitoring:


From the name itself we can easily identify what kind of reports we can collect. Apart from your thinking LepideAuditor provided some additional information too.

  • Server Availability
  • CPU & Memory Usage
  • Active Directory Services
  • ESENT Database Performance


Lepideauditor Product Review


  • Active Directory Web Service
  • DFSR Replicated Folders
  • Replication Status
  • LDAP Status


Lepideauditor Product Review


  • Address Book Status
  • Directory Service Status
  • NTDS Performance Counters
  • DNS Performance Counters


Lepideauditor Product Review


Reports : Audit and Compliance Report

In report section we can get report of anything we required for that much of options are available in LepideAuditor.

Audit Report

Audit Report is generally based on Environmental changes where we can get report for changes done based on required inputs like Component Name, Server Name, Object Name, Who, When etc.

The below screenshot shows the Environmental changes done to my Active directory Environment for the past one month and you can customize the same based on your inputs and needs.

The entire changes list will be shown; we can click on any of the Changes to know about them in detail.

Lepideauditor Product Review


The various report which obtain from the Audit reports are follows.

  • Event Log Clear Report
  • Account Lockout Report
  • Active Directory Reports
  • Group Policy Reports
  • Exchange Modification Reports

Lepideauditor Product Review

On expanding each of the above listed sections you can get the A to Z report based on your needs and requirements.

In this post for Demo I have taken reports for Never Logged On Users in a Domain and the reports are below.

Lepideauditor Product Review


If we start explaining each reports then this single post will not be Enough to do it, instead of that let me explain the rest of features and options available on Audit Report through the below Screenshots.


Lepideauditor Product Review

Compliance Report

There is so much options available in compliance report instead of typing the below Screenshots will explain everything.

Lepideauditor Product Review


Compliance report has been categorized in 5 different formats they are

  • FISMA Reports
  • GLBA Reports
  • HIPAA Reports
  • PCI Reports
  • SAS Reports
  • SOX Reports

 Lepideauditor Product Review


For Demo I have taken the reports for User Created on Active Directory Environment.


Lepideauditor Product Review


Permission Analysis

Click on Permission Analysis Tab to view all historical permission changes and Current permission on File Server, Active Directory and Exchange Server


LepideAuditor also support Restore mode for Active Directory and Group Policy. Where we can restore to the required Restore points.

Lepideauditor Product Review

Click on Restore Tab and provide required details to restore to previous state


Here you can view auditing alerts & health monitoring alerts for all Active Directory, SQl Server, Exchange Server, Group Policies, SharePoint and File Server.

LepideAuditor Product Review



Based on your requirements configure necessary settings as per your environmental needs.

Lepideauditor Product Review


License Information

Here you can see license information of LepideAuditor.

For obtaining license key then click on Request License button.

License Request File will be generated locally with the domain name mentioned and that needs to be email to LepideAuditor Team (

Lepide Sale Team will generate and share the same over the email, once Now you can activate the License and enjoy reporting.


As a Infrastructure Reviewer let me conclude LepideAuditor in Single line.

LepideAuditor Suite – Power Tool were Auditing Made Easy

Must Recommended tool for all IT related companies where you can get A to Z reports.


You can download your trial version here:

More information about LepideAuditor Suite here:


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