Overview and Benefits Of IBM Bigfix Patch Management

Overview and Benefits Of IBM Bigfix Patch Management

As a Tech Person everybody will be aware of what is BIgfix and reason behind the use of it. Today in our topic will see about the detailed overview and benefits of Bigfix Patch Management.

BigFix, was an American company Founded in 1997 and it’s headquartered in Emeryville, California, which is mainly focusing on managing networked desktop, mobile, and server computers.

Bigfix was initially started its origins as a personal computer self-help application, later they have expanded its products on-demand endpoint management services which includes

  • Inventory or asset management
  • Security vulnerability detection and remediation
  • Software distribution
  • Information technology compliance reporting
  • Patch management,
  • Software license management
  • Security policy enforcement
  • Endpoint device power consumption management


Reasons to use Bigfix


The below are the list of reasons and available options that are the main reasons behind the use Bigfix.

Security – Protecting the enterprise against internal and external threats

Audit Compliance – Proving that you comply industry security standards

Operations – The day to day activities associated with maintaining IT configurations

  • Reduced Operations overhead
  • Reduce Management hours and costs
  • Zero day patching
  • Patch management
  • Increased Security
  • Audit Compliance
  • Quickly Deploy patches and software
  • Conduct inventory of machines from one console
  • Quickly identify anything based on custom criteria
  • Perform baseline of machines to meet department specifications.

Centrally Managed IEM Service


Bigfix has the centrally managed IEM services and the same has been listed below.

  • Funded by CITES
  • No cost for enrollment and use
  • Hosts can be managed anywhere
  • Quick responsiveness of actions taken in console
  • One Console for all uses
  • Up-to-date information regarding your endpoints
  • Easy to learn and use

Benefits of Central Management


Here the list of advantages or benefits of central management in Bigfix

  • Deployment strategy help
  • Help available ticketing system
  • Training opportunities – on-site or remote
  • GPO development
  • Shared repository of fixlets

IBM Endpoint Manager – Bigfix


  • One infrastructure: management server, console, agent for Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux
  • Hardware and Software Inventory
  • Read Vendor Information: MAC Addresses – Serial Numbers, Dell Tags
  • Operates in low-bandwidth / high-latency environments
  • Deploy Software to all clients with a few steps

Usually the IBM IEM Console – Patch management has different Breakdown and they are

  • Breakdown by Content
  • Breakdown by OS
  • Breakdown by Severity
  • Breakdown by Classification


The below are the sample image of IBM Bigfix patch Management console for inventory Management and Antvirus Health report



Overview Benefits Bigfix


As i said before we can use the same console for taking various reports like inventory management, information technology compliance reporting, security vulnerability detection and remediation, software distribution, , endpoint device power consumption management.patch management, software license management, security policy enforcement.


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