Indian Engineer Develops New Technology To Double Wifi


An Indian origin electrical engineer developed a novel technology that doubles the speed of Wi-Fi with single antenna – this is an achievement with the potential to transform telecom industry in future.

Harish is from Colombia University’s is an electrical engineering graduate from Indian Institute of Technology – Madras. Krishnaswamy, director of the Columbia High-Speed and Mm-wave IC (CoSMIC) Lab says “This technology could revolutionise the field of telecommunications, Our circulator is the first to be put on a silicon chip, and we get literally orders of magnitude better performance than prior work,” he noted.


Indian Engineer Develops New Technology To Double Wifi


“It is rare for a single piece of research, or even a research group, to bridge fundamental theoretical contributions with implementations of practical relevance. It is extremely rewarding to supervise graduate students who were able to do that,” said the Indian-origin engineer who has earlier won many accolades for his research efforts.

The research was published in the journal Nature Communications and the paper was presented at the “2016 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference” in San Francisco, California, recently.

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