Mobile Phone Bad For Your Health ..?!!

Mobile Phone Bad For Your Health

Mobile phone, cellular phone or cell phone is a device that can send and receive voice signals wirelessly which is invisible called as RF (Radio frequency), Air waves etc

Probably survey says that, major percentage of humans own mobile phones which shows that mobile phones have become much more important than anything else. However mobile is not without harm as the term Mobile incorporates Wireless and of course wirelesses is a term used to describe telecommunications in which electromagnetic waves carry the signal over part or the entire communication path.

You can learn about Wireless Technologies and about RF in my previous post for better understanding

So the mobile phones will keep on searching for signals and when it is being used by us, it transmits energy to the head and body of the user, especially during continuous usage, so just imagine the way we keep our mobile nearby us in bed which will surely pass the radiation directly to brain and disturbs your peaceful sleep which will ultimately spoil your routines.

Scientific studies have shown that mobile phones may cause effect on brain activity, reaction time, sleep, ears, eyes, fertility, and behaviour. Many researchers have shown that long term exposure to mobile phone signals can increase the chances of a variety of cancers manifolds.

So obviously it is our duty to take precautions when using mobile phones in order to reduce absorption of radiation and here are few steps to safeguard us from Radiation

  • Try to use wired land phone, voice over internet protocol (VOIP) whenever possible
  • Instead of using internet through mobile, choose an alternate way and try to use the services through desktop which is much user friendly as well
  • Use mobile phones which has low SAR(specific absorption rate) since it will reduce the exposure to mobile radiations

Mobile Phone Bad For Your Health

  • Though we are using mobile phones for emergency purposes do not keep it close to you in bed, if possible switch off your phone during sleep, this will surely help you in all means. The radiations will be limited and you can have a peaceful sleep. Just try this and you will come to know the facts.
  • People wearing pacemaker, sunglasses with metal rims, metal wired bras, tooth filling, knee implants should reduce the usage of mobile phones or to avoid them

Mobile Phone Bad For Your Health

  • When you are in a necessity to make longer calls try to complete the same in open or empty spaces so as to decrease the radiation and at the same time try to avoid mobile around other electronic equipment’s to get rid of additional radiation.

Mobile Phone Bad For Your Health

  • At the time of calls do not press the phone close to ears and hold it as far as possible, try to use wired headsets but don’t forget to mind your surroundings.
  • Avoid mobile phones during Travel as it will frequently search for Signals which is very harmful as the mobile radiates heavily.
  • Avoid staring in to mobile phone screen for long time as the volume of light it penetrates is dangerous, reading large amount of texts, playing games etc as it dries the eyes leading to eye damage.

Mobile Phone Bad For Your Health

  • Do not keep your mobile phone close to your body always, try to keep it away as much as possible as the continuous radiation irks the risk of cancer, women’s are advised more on this as many experts say that young women’s suffer from breast cancer because of mobile radiations.
  • Avoid children from using mobile as it will reduce serious effects , in general children have thinner skulls and their brain will be more active than adults, if this scenario is for children then just imagine the baby that is yet to born, So mind this and avoid mobile phone during pregnancy – 15 Things Everyone Should Know About Pregnant Women

Mobile Phone Bad For Your Health

  • RF radiations are harmful which you can visualise in mobile towers, knowing the fact we can at least reduce the usage as much as possible and make ourselves less prone to sufferings.

As told in my previous post – Tips To Stay Fit and Healthy ..!!!  we have almost lost the nature’s gift and we rarely see sparrows roaming in skies, likewise let’s not increase the loss to nature and ourselves. Have a healthy and wealthy Life , cheers.

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