Learn The Difference Between Gpupdate and Gpupdate [Force, Sync, Logoff, Boot, Target, Wait ]: Complete GPUpdate Commands

Complete GPUpdate Commands

Group Policy plays a very important role in the Active Directory Infrastructure and as a System Administrator or Domain Administrator we should know the basic concepts of these commands before applying it.

Usually if we create or modify any group policy it takes sometimes to get reflects to the clients, so instead of waiting for the group policy to auto-update, we are using commands like Gpupdate, Gpupdate /Force or sometimes with Gpupdate /Sync

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But there are some difference between these commands, so here in this topic will learn The Difference between Gpupdate, Gpupdate /Force, Gpupdate /Sync Gpupdate /Logoff  Gpupdate  /Boot Gpupdate /Target Gpupdate /Wait in detail.


GPUpdate  : Applies, when any new policies implemented or Changes to made to the existing Policy

GPUpdate /Force  : Reapplies every policy, New and Old.

Gpupdate /Logoff  : Logoff after the Group Policy settings have been updated. Some group policy client-side extensions are only processed when a user logs on.

Example: Software Installation, Folder Redirection

Gpupdate /Sync  : Useful for changing the foreground (startup/logon) processing to synchronous.

Gpupdate/Boot  : Restart after the Group Policy settings are applied. Some group policy client-side extensions are only processed at the startup

Example: computer-targeted Software Install

Gpupdate /Target:{Computer | User}  : Update only Users or Computers policy settings, Default = both

Gpupdate/Wait :Value : The number of seconds to wait for policy processing, Default = 600 (10 minutes)

Here I am listing few important points related Group Policy

If you just edited or Modified a GPO and want to see results immediately, running gpupdate will do the trick.

In fact, running GPUPdate /force on a large number of computers can be damaging to your work. Since machines will hit a domain controller and reevaluate all the GPO applies to them.

Gpupdate /Logoff  and Gpupdate /Boot will have no effect if there are no client-side extensions called that require a logoff or reboot.

GPUpdate /Force and Gpupdate /Wait parameters will be ignored if Gpupdate /Sync is specified.

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