How to Save Money While Shopping Online

How to Save Money While Shopping Online

Nowadays, no one is away from the growing influence of the world of Internet shopping. Every one of us is impressed by the ease of shopping online and getting the product delivered right at our home

Online Shopping provides multiple benefits like saving money, easy comparison, convenience etc. Due to the various advantages online shopping trend is keep on increasing all over the world.

More people than ever are shopping online, but many of them are missing out on easy savings opportunities like free shipping, digital coupons, and price-drop refunds.

Here are a few tips to make sure you’re not leaving money on the table.

Research/Compare Before You Shop Online

 Compare with all major online shopping sites while shopping through the internet as you can get some major differences in the price for the similar products.

There are also some price comparing sites from where you can check for the lowest price rates for the products that you are going to buy.

How to Save Money While Shopping Online

You would be amazed that you can easily find great deals and price discounts that some other sites are providing.

It might take a little longer time, but in the end, you will save lots of money.

Look for Coupons and Discounts

There is one great thing that you should preferably do while shopping online through websites and that is you should try to apply for the Discount Coupons that you can readily found on Google or coupon aggregating sites like.

The coupons are neatly organized by stores and the listings are sorted by their expiry dates.

You can find for the active coupon codes from there and then try to apply these while checkout on shopping anything from any major site.

Most of the shopping sites accept the discount coupons hence you have great chances to save your money by applying for coupons.

Note: You should also consider subscribing to the email newsletters of your favorite shopping sites and discount codes may sometimes land up in your mailbox.

Use Debit or Credit Card

Many online stores provide discounts to the credit/debit cardholders of certain banks.

Sometimes the shopping websites like Amazon may tie up with few banks and will be providing us the exclusive offers and additional cashback offers if we purchase any product using respective bank cards.

If you have a bank account in major banks such as Axis, ICICI, SBI and Citibank then there are many chances to easily avail up to 20% exclusive discounts.

Online stores often offer some products on zero percent EMI (or cashback) with credit cards

Some credit/debit card schemes also give you great deals such as buy one pizza get another free, or buy one movie ticket, get another free.

If you do not have a bank account yet, check which one provides better deals. If you already have a bank account then keep an eye on the stores who provide exclusive deals for debit/credit card holders of your bank.

Use Popular Cashback Websites

There are some sites on the internet through which you can easily get some cashback deals for shopping something through preferred sites.

How to Save Money While Shopping Online

It works something like this. You create an account at CashKaro, Paytm & other similar websites and it will provide you links to various retailer sites where cash back offers are available.

You visit the shopping site through these special links, make the purchase as normal and the cashback amount will be paid to you once a threshold is reached.


Watch Deals on the Social Web

Most online shopping brands in India are active on Facebook, Twitter and some of them do regularly post offers and deals on these channels. It may thus be a good idea to like /follow you favorite retails on the Facebook and Twitter so you’ll stay in the loop.

How to Save Money While Shopping Online

Popular shopping sites like,, and have dedicated pages where they list ongoing offers – you may want to monitor these pages or at least put them in your browser bookmarks.

Set Price Alerts

Once you have found out product you want to purchase do set price alert. Price alert facility will send you email or SMS when price of said product drops. This will give you additional benefit to save more money. Majority of website provide facility of setting up price alert.

Wait for Online Shopping offers

Shopping festivals take place on popular online shopping sites during which amazing discounts and deals are offered. Some of the online shopping offers you can lookout for are Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale and the Google Online Shopping Festival.

There’s no Black Friday or Cyber Monday in India but shopping sites here generally offer better discounts around holidays and festivals like New Year Sale, Diwali Sale 😉

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How to Save Money While Shopping Online

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These are the things that you can do to save even more money while shopping online.By using these methods you cannot dig up a great price discount but you can save some preferable amount of money while shopping your items on the Internet.

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