How JIO works for Internet and Calls

How Jio works

Jio sim is being used by many of us as we all were eagerly waiting for a revolution in the field of telecommunications,

I have seen many people using this for Data purpose and everyone is in the idea of migrating their existing network to JIO since it has been built with 4G (4th generation wireless network)

Please refer :  Telecom generations(2g,3g,4g)

4G is specifically designed for DATA and it uses IP based protocols (LTE). so Lets know how JIO works in general for both Data and calls

VoLTE stands for Voice over LTE and is a new protocol for transmitting voice data over the LTE network. While 2G and 3G networks are circuit-switch based, 4G or LTE networks utilise Packet Switching.

When a call is made over a 2G or a 3G network, a certain amount of network bandwidth is assigned to that call as a pipeline, which does not terminate till the call ends.

On a VoLTE network, voice calls are broken up into packets of information, sent over the full data pipeline and then reconstructed at the receiver’s end.

The result is that voice information can be carried over a higher bandwidth pipe, resulting in better call quality.

VoLTE is a subset of the LTE technology

VoLTE promises HD call quality, faster calls, and better use of data. So, unlike right now, your network won’t drop to 2G or 3G when you’re making a call.

A VoLTE enabled phone can handle calling and other data-based activities simultaneously.

While all calls are made over VoLTE , only calls from Jio users to other Jio users will be VoLTE enabled. Whenever calls are made to non-VoLTE smartphones, or a circuit-switched network (legacy carriers, like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Telenor etc), they will not be VoLTE.

As told earlier Now 4G, unlike aging 2G/3G technologies, is a IP only network, which means from your voice to video to data to everything else goes over IP and on top of that this network type has set high data speeds requirement to be called as 4G.

So you can just imagine how much bandwidth is actually needed to sustain a 4G network at full pace

So from this explanations you would understood how JIO works, there is no seperate protocols for Calls and internet and even calls are routed via data.

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Now lets see few points on JIO revolutionizing Indian Telecom Market

  • Largest fiber optic network in India
  • Only company to have 4G spectrum in all zones across
  • Has the Largest 4G network in India
  • 4G specialist
  • They made a Huge investment and have spent over the past more than 20yrs of being in operations
  • They own two international submarine cable landing stations
  • Ecofriendly towers
  • VoLTE (calls send as data)
  • Disruptive Pricing
  • One Gbps wired broadband

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