How To Get Your Website On The First Page Of Google ..!!

How to Get My Website on the First Page of Google

Several Bloggers are struggling hard to found their blog on Google.

I know that because I also came from that position. Now still learning. So first learn what actually Google want from you/blog??

This Google Ranking Helper Article will definitely help you rank higher on Google by knowing simple information of SEO : What is SEO – Best SEO Strategies , Safest Ranking Factors etc.., which means getting apart from the Black Hat Tricks to get rid of Google Panda Effects. Here I teach the best and the simple SEO techniques which naturally enriches the websites ranks in your industry or topic. Coming to the fact , you don’t get to top of Google just after using the techniques but naturally improves your blog ranking which leads to improve your Google Ranking.

What are the things Google Want From Your Blog / You ??

I think as a blogger we all work hard with our blogging strategies and use overcooking of Present SEO. But like the proverb “ First is Best ” , we actually rank for the present but If updating of Google occurred then you may be organically moved from page 1 to page 5 or something like that.

This type of things comes under Black Hat SEO Techniques. So Normal Cooking of SEO is good for Present and the Future Preservation. And From Years , we know that Great Content is the Key to the Ranking Success and Fast Indexing which can stay even after several updates of Google Algorithms sometimes.

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1st Thing – Good Content : This thing really helps. Writing Blog Posts without any better information for a weekly post is not at all nice. Your Blog Post should have some interesting substance with strong content which can amuse your readers well and Search Engines well. Your Article content should be like a new content and users should like it. You need to write blog spot In a new way like no blogger wrote a post like you. Then Popular it on Social Media & with Email Blasting to get traffic to that page. Writing like the summary of the story – you have to give details of the content in brief and make users to love it.

2nd Thing – Fresh Content : Based on your online presence , you should add some new content in your blog daily or weekly.

3rd Thing – Responsive Design : Google already penalizing websites by announcing that non mobile-friendly web blogs will not be ranked fast and to the top of the Google . So to bypass this issue you should have responsive website which is compatible with all type of Browsers and Platforms.

4th Thing – User Experience : Most of the bloggers will neglect the user experience factor. Your Web blog users must enjoy to be in your blog. What I mean is , User should get info directly with the best links available with you.

5th Thing – Loading Time : It also a part of 4th thing too. If your blog takes more than 3-5 seconds , most of the users will get frustration just after entering into your blog URL. So make sure your blog with faster loading by clearing unnecessary images and the Java script codes.

6th Thing – Social Media Marketing : Posting your blog posts on various social platforms like Facebook , Digg , scoop , Google plus , twitter etc..,

7th Thing – Grammar Checking : Don’t let Grammar mistakes happens on your blog posts because Google consider Grammar mistakes and the way of Sentence structure. Google / Bing don’t likes blog posts well which are having many Grammar mistakes. If many happens Google first search for Keyword Stuffing . Keyword Stuffing is also back bone of Black Hat SEO King. Sometimes Google think Grammar mistakes as Spamming so try to avoid by cross checking the post.

8th Thing – Backlinks : As a blogger you already have a knowledge about backlinks. If you don’t know surf in . Backlinks are the Links which are linking back to your websites/blogs from their Blogs are website. The more you have , the more Blog Authority Enhancement. It will increase Rankings to good extent.

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Bonus Tips:

The below are the few bonus tips to get your website on the first page of Google.

  • Quality of Inbound Links
  • Keywords in Page Content
  • URL Structure
  • Internal Link Structure
  • Bounce Rate
  • Outbound Links

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