Google Talk: Gtalk, or Gchat – An Era Comes to End

Google Talk -An Era Comes to End

Google Talk was started as an instant messaging platform built into Gmail, and is often called “Gchat or Gtalk” by its fans.

Starting in June, Google is saying good-bye to one of its most beloved products, Gchat.

As Google warned earlier this year, the company is making anyone still on the older messaging platform transition to Hangouts today.

Finally the end of an era that started in 2005, and the culmination of a transition from Google Talk to Hangouts that started back in 2013.

Still, for years, Google has been asking users to switch over to the more thorough, modern-looking and Trending chat app. Hangouts really just looks cleaner with chat bubbles. It also features future things, like Voice calls, group video calls, GIF Support and much more.

Even If you want to try to keep the same look as Google Talk, there’s a “Dense Roster” setting in Hangouts that you can turn it on.

The below image shows, Google outlined the differences between conversation in Hangouts and Google Talk.

Gtalk VS Hangouts


In addition to Google Hangouts, Google still offers a handful of other communication apps, including Allo, Duo, and its Android messaging app.



Some people are upset about this change, writing that Hangouts’ aesthetics are significantly different, and pointing out the fact that its additional features, like GIFs and inline images, take away from Google Talk’s simplicity.

Change is hard, but Hangouts is ultimately not that much different from Gchat.

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