Understanding Of What Is a DNS Server And Why Are They Used

DNS Server

What is DNS server – It is a Computer Server which has all the information about IP Address and their Associated Hostnames. Generally DNS stands for Domain Name System which is used for Name to IP conversion and IP to Name Conversion. In other terms, DNS server is converting human readable website names (DoubtsClear.Com) into computer readable numerical IP addresses …

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Active Directory Users And Computers

Active Directory Users and Computers

In this post will see about the basics of Active Directory Users and Computers, what is the use of Active Directory Users and Computers and how do you Manage Active Directory Before entering into this topic let’s see what active Directory is first. Active Directory is a database that keeps track of all the user accounts and passwords in your …

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Script To Disable Users Or Computers In Active Directory And Move To Specified OU

Script To Disable Users Or Computers And Move To Specified OU.

As a Domain Administrator it is our duty to audit and monitor our complete Active Directory Environment. Some of the Users or Computers may remain inactive for quite long time. There are lots of options available to identify these inactive lists of Users and Computers. Once after the identification is over, we need to disable that particular Users or Computers …

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