Corporates Behind Movies! Disaster to the Originality!

Corporates Behind Movies! Disaster to the Originality

On the occasion of 70th Indian Independence we DoubtsClear would like to pay tribute to all the brave soldiers/Leaders/freedom fighters

Before entering in to the subject we are also paying respect to Late Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam (Former President of India & the great Scientist). He was the big inspiration for the next generation, As he said Youth is the future & Backbone of the Nation, we should dream higher and higher and react with responsibilities.

Corporates Behind Movies! Disaster to the Originality

Everyone would have heard that a corporate will always be at the backend for anything that is happening in nation, but when it comes to nation the corporates not only decide on the Government to rule the country but also comes in and out in many things.

In recent past we would have visualized in all social media platforms/media’s on the way the corporate boosts a movie, you all will understand this without any difficulties as it was the talk of the state/Nation/world some weeks back.

It is really appreciable for making it to reach everyone, but at the same time we need to think on the other part as well.

  • Corporates Declaring leave for seeing a movie is first ever happened in the history.
  • I am not pin pointing on anything/anyone, but as a useful citizen we need to work around and focus on bright future.
  • All the movies are for entertainment and fiction, out of which few carries the reality, but since it doesn’t have a proper support for boosting the reality dies without reaching us
  • In recent past we came across many movies which show the originality but rarely saw those in theaters as they were lifted within 3 days from the date of release which is really disgusting.
  • A movie shows the importance of a father and atrocities of schools/neighbor’s which is highly true but it doesn’t hit the box office as it has the originality within it
  • A movie shows the core of Medical Mafia and the struggle happened to control it but again it doesn’t hit the box office as it has the originality in it, many such movies create patriotism and make us to think. When it is certified by Film board which is under the government why not we raise voice supporting it.
  • A movie shows the importance of Agriculture and the bane on Methane but nobody even knows the title name since it was not directed/produced/acted by famous personalities. Many movies struggle to reach theatres since it has realities, of course and after all it is a movie.

Corporates Behind Movies! Disaster to the Originality        Corporates Behind Movies! Disaster to the Originality


These are the few examples given out,

Actually we as a citizen has the responsibility to bring this nation to a right way, of course I do accept the toughness towards it, but as a small part couldn’t we at least raise our voice through social medias, now a days things are happening fast when it is being Tweeted/pasted on wall/ forwarded via whatsApp

  • Example, shahrukh khan was detained in LA airport and tweeted his feelings for which there was a response from US authorities with apologies. An AC service company didn’t respond even after several escalations, the user brought this issue to social media and it reached the ministry after which the issue got sorted out within hours.

As said above earlier there was no platforms for people to bring out the day to day issues but even then they raised their voice against atrocities and attained independence. Now we have many platforms to showcass the atrocities, Main tool is the big screen and we need to take it up from there, not all the information’s provided are true, as told in the beginning lets discard the fiction and show our support for the true.

  • Instead of corporates blindly spending too much on a particular movie and gains the pace among their employees they can show their responsibility in other means, buying tickets for Rs.2000 that is worth for Rs.120 cannot be entertained at any cost, it is an inbuilt technique on appraisal part and the long term trust with respect to the same.

Corporates Behind Movies! Disaster to the Originality


  • Every individual has to know the tactics of the corporate, many knows but will adhere to it as a common man, but a common man actually carries the adultness of a nation and it is our responsibilities to bring the negative upfront in order to make it positive which will automatically enable us to get benefitted in a twin way.

Once again I am re-iterating that this post is not to pin point on any one and respect the entire film industry on their hardcore. The hard work has to reach the people in a right way and should not sustain bad memories/injuries. Thanks for understanding and it’s our pride isn’t it ????????

Plant trees ! every mature tree gives 14kg of oxygen every year, plant more trees for reviving the planet .

All of us do not have equal talents, but all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talents – APJ Abdul Kalam

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