Bus Tickets Booked Using Redbus Will Not Be Valid For Pongal Holidays

Bus Tickets Booked Using Redbus Will Not Be Valid For Pongal Holidays

Tickets that are booked online through RED BUS APP is not valid from Jan 12th 2017 till Jan 17th 2017

The decision has been leaked by the Omni Bus association as the APP agency seems to have violated the policy agreement framed within them.

Owing to this decision there are several confusions among passengers who have booked tickets online well in advance as these are not going to be permitted.

The tickets that are booked online needs to be cancelled and the Return policy will be taken care only by the RED bus and their won’t be any interference from the Bus operator end

Travellers can book the tickets either through the APP of bus agency or visit the nearest branches.  They can book the seats through telephone and get the hardcopy later on too.

Tickets that are booked through other online APP and bus operators APPS are valid and the above is not applicable.

Though it is creating a huge burden to the travellers, there is no other option as the RED BUS seems to be not compatible with the OMNI Bus agencies policies.

“While we see this News going viral in Social medias and Televisions, Travellers those who have booked tickets through RED bus APP are receiving SMS stating this information as Rumour.”

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